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Authorised Economic Operator

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AEO Benefits

The license of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), is an internationally recognized quality mark, which indicates that the role of a company in the international supply chain is secure and all the customs controls and procedures are more effective and compatible.

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From May 2016 that the new EU Customs Code takes effect, if your company deals with the international trade, it has been largely influenced by
all the changes on the financial consequences and customs compliances, due to new statutory guarantees.

The certification of the Authorised Economic Operator will be able to have several more benefits compared to other operators.

Direct benefits AEO authorization holders:

• Reduced guarantees to holders of AEOF license in relation to other economic entities by 50% in temporary storage by 50% in warehouses and by 30% on the tax warehouses

• Easier admittance to customs simplifications, with only a single application because the criteria for granting such leave coincides with the AEO lisense

Fewer physical and document controls compared to other economic operators at least 50%. Moreover, AEOF license holders are subject to fewer security and safety checks

• Priority of the customs authority to carry loads that have been selected for a physical check

• Selection of the place for the necessary controls in a place where the cost and delay will be small enough for the AEO licence holder

• Reduced data set for summary entry / exit declarations

• Warning for potential inspection

• AEO recognition as a safe business partner in the supply chain that meets all safety and protection criteria

• Mutual recognition of AEO programs under bilateral agreements between the EU and third countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Japan, USA and China

Indirect benefits of the AEO license Holders
• Increase the customer’s loyalty through recognition as a reliable business partner
• AEO logo as a mark of quality and reliability
• Reduced thefts and losses
• Reduced delays in shipments
• Reducing the cost of suppliers' audits
• Improving the planning
• Active involvement of employees
• Reducing problems through the early identification of employees
• Easier admittance to other international certifications (Certified agent Authorised recipient, the etc. ISPS)

All the above bring multiple benefits under the Agreement on mutual recognition of AEO programs between the EU and third countries (USA, Japan), and the AEO license holder is considered credible in these countries, leading to not only enjoy the benefits with the customs formalities in those countries, but also to open up new markets and opportunities, as a recognized and reliable business partners.