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Authorised Economic Operator

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Required Criteria for AEO license

What are the required criteria in order to obtain the AEO license?

According to the Article 5 of Reg. 648/2005 the criteria for an economic operator in order to obtain the AEO license include:

Suitable historical customs compliance

This criterion is met if the last three years, before filing the application, haven’t been committed serious or repeated infringements of customs legislation by the following:

  •       The applicant
  •       The person who is in charge of the company
  •       The legal representative of the applicant in customs matters
  •       The person of the company who is in charge for customs matters

Satisfactory commercial and case management system, transport records

This criterion is met when the applicant maintains satisfactory system of trade and transport records, which allows to carry out the appropriate customs controls. Some of the requirements may concern:

  •       The accounting system
  •       The logistics system
  •       The access and the general management
  •       The information security
  •       The company’s stuff

Proven financial solvency

The financial solvency means a good financial standing, which is sufficient to fulfil the applicant's obligations, taking into account the specific characteristics of each business.

This criterion is met if the financial solvency is proven for the last three years prior to the application.

Appropriate security and safety standards (only for AEOF license)

The safety and security conditions have been fulfilled if the applicant satisfies all the specific requirements with regard to:

  •       The facilities safety
  •       Appropriate access controls
  •       The security of cargo
  •       The procedures of the licenses/authorization management
  •       The security of their trading partners
  •       The security of the staff
  •       The briefing / training of staff safety and security issues