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Authorised Economic Operator

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AEO license process

The length process of granting the AEO license may take up to 180 days (Depending on the extent of the applicant’s standby) period which may be extended by the application of the prospective AEO, if during the examination of the criteria establishes that you need more time to make changes/ improvements for compliance.

The applicant may withdraw the application at any stage of the process, always before the issuance of the final audit report to the customs authorities, and he has the opportunity to file a new application any time he wants.

The AEO license is given for free.

Potential costs may arise from investments that are required in order to make the operator meet the criteria of the license.

The validity duration is unlimited. The competent issuing authority has the right to a re-evaluation of the license, in cases of significant changes to the relevant legislation, as well as indications that they no longer meet the conditions and criteria by the authorised economic operator, and the lapse of a reasonable time - exceeding three years from the date of AEO authorisation.