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AEO Consultants

Why you should use a AEO Consultant

We prepare and handle all necessary procedures for obtaining the AEO authorisation. Our primary goal is to create more awareness of AEO, and assist companies in understanding what it is and how this reliable business partner, it may or may not benefit your company.

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If you decide that you wish to pursue AEO, we can help you streamline the process in obtaining the AEO Status, irrelevant to what stage you're currently at.

If you have already applied for the AEO licence and you don’t know exactly how to proceed with the process, we can create for you a specific plan on how to avoid potential challenges and help you with every step of the process. Even after the authorisation we can provide assistance when the reassessment is due (Every three years).

As Certified Authorised Economic Operators and AEO consultants ourselves (13GR000001AEOC00031 /Customs simplifications  & 13GR000001AEOC00030 /Customs simplifications) we are able to provide the following services about the AEO certification:

  •      To assess the ability of your business to become an AEO and show you the correct type of license that applies to your business. Also we can help you to close any gaps in your systems.
  •       To undertake all the necessary corrective actions in order to comply to the AEO license.
  •      To prepare and submit for you, all necessary documents needed for the AEO certification.
  •     To handle all tax consulting and customs stages required by the AEO certification procedure, for the customs   authorities of the Directorate General of Customs Attica Region.
  •     To undertake all the necessary actions for the upcoming audit of the General Secretariat Information Systems.
  •      To be always present in your business during the audits, by the competent services of the Directorate General of Customs Attica Region and the General Secretariat Information Systems.
  • Moreover even after you have already been granted the AEO license, we provide the necessary guidance during the re-evaluation, which is every three years.

Based on the fact that the accreditation process is quite time consuming and because there are many economic benefits when you obtain the license, anyone who wants to become AEO, should start to implementing the program, because if your application is not successful, then you can submit it again after three years.

 As AEO Consultants, we do not allow any company that we collaborate with, to submit the application until we are absolutely sure that certification will be 100% successful.

If you want to see if one of your business partners or competitors hold the AEO authorisation, you can use the European AEO database.

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