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In order for a company to be certified as Authorised Economic Operator, must fulfil all safety and security standards, required by the European Union. This implies that all of the information systems are fully compatible and safe to these criteria in order to minimize the risks and threats that may arise.

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As AEO Consultants we undertake the following processes in order to certify the safety and security of your IT systems.  

  • Recording of the software equipment and drafting a detailed infrastructure plan
  • Recording control process and access certification
  • Syntax map with access by user-resource-system
  • Recording backup process (backup-restore) and draft a policy on the backup process
  • Recording of all IT services provided by third parties (SLA Agreements)
  • Risk Analysis (IT Risk Assessment) and improved design standards-processes of Information Systems
  • Drafting a policy for the proper use of information systems and implement the appropriate security plan that fits your business
  • Create an Emergency Plan (DRP Disaster Recovery Plan)
    Editorial process, recording and addressing security incidents
  • Create for all above two questionnaires

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